ADDIS is for you

ADDIS facilitates your assessment by giving you questions, so you don´t have to construct them on your own. The questions are direct, eventoriented, and are generally not thought of as threatening.

ADDIS is objective, the result is the same, regardless of who is conducting the interview, which is a safety guarantee for you and your patient.

The structured form of interviewing also creates a climate of trust between you and the interviewee, something that facilitates your future

ADDIS is for your patient

ADDIS facilitates the alliance with your patients, and has a strong therapeutical effect. Studies, among others one made in the University of Östfold/ Norway, shows that the interviewee feels seen, involved and recognized, and, maybe for the first time, gets an insight in his/her problems.

Would you like to get access to ADDIS?

To be able to use ADDIS you have to go through an educational process ,see under the tab ”education”.