ADDIS – a structured method

ADDIS is a structured interview system that produces a diagnostic assessment/diagnosis, concerning problems with alcohol and other drugs, according to the criteria in DSM and ICD. With the help of these criteria it becomes possible to see whether the problems are to be seen as harmful use, addiction or substance use syndrome.

ADDIS is a translation of SUDDS ( (Substance Use Disorder Diagnostic Schedule) – a diagnostic instrument developed by Norman G. Hoffman, Ph. D och Patricia A. Harrison, Ph. D and and validated in Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, USA.

Read more about the resarch concerning SUDDS and ADDIS on ”Research”.

ADDIS – tailormade for international use

ADDIS was introduced to the Swedish market In the mid 80 – s and to Norway during the 90 – s.

Since then the instrument has been continually developed to international conditions.

ADDIS can be widely used as a tool for early detection and ongoing motivation within all areas where people with substance related problems can be found.