Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

The number one keyword for the aircraft industry is safety. The other two factors are punctuality and service.
SAS is governed by a number of regulations, both internationally and specified by different airports. Everything we do is more or less manualized – how to load, cargo how to safeguard the cargo – everything is about safety.

ADDIS is well in line with these principles when it comes to handling issues concerning alcohol and other drugs in a safe way. We want a reliable manual to use when we handle these difficult questions. In all of our cases involving substance related problems the ADDIS interview always comes first.

Holger Andersen HR expert within the field of addiction

Outpatient alcohol and drug counseling bureau – region Gotland

Our bureau is an outpatient facility within the national service system, which provides counceling, assessments and psychosocial treatment for addiction. We only use evidence based methods recommended by the Swedish National Institute for health and welfare.

We have many years of experience from investigating the nature of substancerelated problems with the help of ADDIS, as an integrated part of our day to day work process.

It is a fantastic instrument, that helps us, but above all our clients. They often describes that they have drugrelated problems, although within a somewhat controlled framework. The ADDIS investigation contributes to bring clarity to the presence of an existing substance use disorder.

In ADDIS we conduct a method of differential diagnostical assessment, which means that we look into all of the drugs that have been used separately , from the onset , and can pinpoint all symptoms that has occurred over time. This is shown in an addiction curve, that automatically is created during the course of the interview.

ADDIS s is also of great value in order to pay attention to the occurrence of comorbidity. In ADDIS we screen for depression, anxiety, PTSD and gambling problems, and out of the result from this we can talk with the client about these problems combined with drugproblems and recommend integrated treatment.

This gives hope that change is possible.

Our opinion is that our client likes to be part of the interview, because it gives a sense of recognition, it awakes a curiosity and interest in how to go on and find solutions to their problems.

Åsa Fagerlund
Beroendeenheten – Region Gotland