ADDIS – content

ADDIS consists of 82 questions, and takes between one and two hours to accomplish, depending on how many drugs the interviewee have used.

Through ADDIS you also get information about different factors that are related to druguse and addiction, such as stress, the presence of heredity aspects concerning addiction, problems with food, screening for anxiety depression, PTSD and gambling.
ADDIS also identifies addiction in remission.


After the interview is completed the result is transferred automatically into checklists opertationalized from ICD 10/ DSM 5, a pedagogic checklist, and to an addiction graph.

The answers on questions concerning the intreviewees background, and positive screening results, are equally automatically generated.

With the help of these facts the interviewer analyzes the result which leads to a diagnostic assessment or a diagnosis, depending on the interviewers profession, where after measures are recommended.

The addiction graph, which is showing at which age the different symptoms has occured, helps the interviewee to get a deeper understanding of how different substances have affected his/her life, how drugs are interchangeable, and how symptoms that started several years ago, still are up to date.

The pedagogic checklist can be used to highlight the symptoms for a certain drug the the interviewer thinks is most important for the client to comprehend.